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Sandeep Khanna

Sandeep Khanna

Mona Khanna

Mona Khanna

Administrative Assistant


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Mona Khanna

Rasleen KAur

Financial Advisor


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We can help you with ways to buy your first home, choose an investment strategy that’s right for you, and help towards a mortgage-free retirement plan.
Sandeep Khanna is a registered financial advisor based in Christchurch. After working for the BNZ for four years, he joined Loan Market in January of last year. He started out on his own as Sandeep Khanna Mortgages Ltd (SKM) in April this year. Even though SKM is young, it has received strong support from the community. Sandeep wants to continue to attract members of the migrant community to SKM and grow a wider client base in Canterbury.

Getting the perfect loan that suits your circumstances can be daunting and time-consuming and sometimes costly. Contact us now.

No Hidden Fees
As a home buyer, the main cost you’re probably focusing on is the price of the property. We do not charge any hidden fees, or log any hours.
Free Property Appraisals
When selling your house, a FREE property appraisal is a good point to start. Rely on the experts to evaluate your property and avoid any pitfalls.
Detail Oriented Approach
Rely on Sandeep to get you favourable deals while liaising with lenders. His team is organised and attention to every detail is their point of difference.

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